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Spiritual Heart, Physical Heart with Charles and Teresa Baltzell

The heart has been written about in every age and every culture. It is the subject of poems, prose, and parables. The symbol of love, innate wisdom and human character. It is the first organ that develops in a growing fetus, even before the brain. Your heart is the seat of supreme consciousness and the vital center of health.

It is the core of our being and through it we experience the nature and connectiveness of all things. In this workshop we explored the physical heart and spiritual heart. Are the two separate? How does one influence the other? Is this the yin and yang of your physical existence?

Participants learned:

> The organ of spiritual perfection, health and wellbeing
> How to consciously change your heart rate variability (HRV)
> Emotional regulation, stress reduction, generating love in any circumstance
> How sleep affects physical and spiritual heart
> Bio hacks for cardiovascular health

  1. Spiritual Heart, Physical Heart, Part 1

    Workshop by Teresa and Charles

  2. Spiritual Heart, Physical Heart, Part 2

    Workshop by Teresa and Charles

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