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Regain Your Brain

Did you know others are preventing and even reversing neurodegenerative conditions and so can you? YES, you can get your brain back to a place where you think clearly and feel great. According to CDC, one of every three people in your life will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Empower yourself with knowledge to avoid personal suffering or becoming a caregiver. In this workshop, you will learn the Prevention & Causes of: Dementia, Cognitive decline, Forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS.

Presented by Teresa and Charles Baltzell, members of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine and an international neuroscience research group, board certified and practicing neuroscientist acupuncturist. A their Health and Wellbeing Greenville, clinic, they use evidence based, clinically proven, research supported, 21st century medical science to best treat any condition and restore health.

Regain Your Brain, Part 1

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