Power, Money and Sex with Dr. Basu

Sri Aurobindo identifies power, wealth and sex as the three forces having the strongest attraction for the human ego. The Mother later comments: “I believe the three are interdependent and that all three have to be conquered to be sure of having any one – when you want to conquer one you must have the other two. Unless one has mastered these three things, desire for power, desire for money and desire for sex, one cannot truly possess any of them firmly and surely.  . . . Each of these three things not only has its own value in the world of desires, but leans upon the other two.” [Question and Answers, Volume-4, page no.381-382]

In this New Perspectives webinar, Dr. Basu takes a critical look at each of these forces as well as their interdependence. Dr. Soumitra Basu is a psychiatrist working with consciousness paradigms. He conducts workshops on personal growth and is a Founder-Editor of NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. He has authored the book “Integral Health”.

Power, Money and Sex, a three-headed dragon?

New Perspectives in Integral Living

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