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Overmental and Supramental Consciousness with Dr. Soumitra Basu and Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko

How does One become the Many? The ancient tradition considered that it was Maya which did the trick but Swami Vivekananda commented that Maya was a descriptive and not an explanatory term. Sri Aurobindo explained that the Unmanifest is programmed into creative potentialities in an integral cognitive matrix which he named as the Supermind. These potentialities become effectuating idea-forces at the level of the global cognitive field of the Overmind; each idea-force having the power to frame its own world. At the level of the ordinary mental cognition, the idea-forces become autonomous, oblivious of their unitary origin.

Can the human cognition rise to the level of the Supramental consciousness. Or, can the Supramental consciousness manifest in the earth-consciousness? Sri Aurobindo and The Mother explore these options through radical shifts in consciousness.

The Overmental Consciousness

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