Meet the Wives of the Moon with Penny Farrow

What a life the Moon has. Every month he gets to spend a night with each of his twenty-seven wives. Talk about variety being the spice or life. It’s quite a feat keeping them all happy and truth to tell, he was almost done in by some heavy duty jealousy but more of that later.

Far removed from the myriad of ways we entertain ourselves, the ancients had their own brand of mobile devices - the relentless movement of the heavenly bodies. The grahas (planets) moved in ways that tirelessly created unique patterns but yet there was a fundamental intelligence and order that could be discerned through patient observation. And every night was showtime.

Not surprisingly, the “star” of the show was the Moon. Master of shape-shifting and fond of playing peek-a-boo, the quick moving Moon yielding more readily the secrets of that underlying order.

Please join Penny in understanding an ancient way of understanding the patterns of the heavens. Let’s meet the wives of the Moon.

Penny Farrow has an M.S. degree from Cornell University and an extensive career as a teacher, researcher, and businesswoman. Involved in the Vedic tradition since 1971, she has studied Jyotisha intensively since 1991, primarily under the personal tutelage of Hart deFouw. She taught Jyotisha and Sanskrit at Vedic Vidya Institute in San Rafael, California for eight years. Now residing in Florida, Penny teaches Jyotisha and Sanskrit full-time, including a new online option. Please visit her newly launched Cosmic Kaleidoscope Journal at Her email is:; website:

Meet The Fascinating Wives Of The Moon

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