Karma and Rebirth with Dr. Soumitra Basu

Today Dr. Basu addresses the very important topic of Karma and Rebirth, a subject near and dear to him.
Contrary to conventional views on Karma and its relationship to rebirth, Sri Aurobindo states in Life Divine:

It is not conceivable that the Spirit within is … a slave in this life of its past actions; the truth must be less rigid and more plastic. If a certain amount of results of past Karma is formulated in the present life, it must be with the consent of the psychic being which presides over the new formation of its earth-experience and assents not merely to an outward compulsory process (of karma), but to a secret Will and Guidance.

That secret Will is not mechanical, but spiritual; the guidance comes from an Intelligence which may use mechanical processes but is not their subject. Self-expression and experience are what the soul seeks by its birth into the body; whatever is necessary for the self-expression and experience of this life . . . , that is what will be formulated: for the principle is not the working out of a mechanism of Law, but the development of the nature through cosmic experience so that eventually it may grow out of the Ignorance.

As the topic of Karma and Rebirth is a very deep and rich one, we have extended the webinar time to 90 minutes, which will exclude time for Q&A.

On Karma and Rebirth by Dr. Basu.mp4

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