Introduction to the Integration of Ayurveda with Yoga with Maria Garre

Join Maria for a hands-on workshop to learn how Ayurvedic science integrates within the practice of Yoga. Ayurveda teaches us about the body and mind, the psychophysiology of the body. Yoga is essence is a system of Philosophy, which offers like Ayurveda, practices by which realize the goal, a state of unification. Let us discuss how these systems can come together to awaken your practice.

Maria founded the New Mexico School of Yoga where she leads 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Programs specializing in Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Maria also serves as teaching staff for Samudra School of Living Yoga Prana Flow certification programs worldwide.

Introduction to Ayurveda Yoga with Maria Garre

All Life is Yoga

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