Desire is the Helper, Desire is the Bar with Ameeta Mehra

The Webinar is designed as a meditation with sprinklings of readings, explanations, contemplative questions on the topic to enable us to enlarge and deepen our understanding and practice of the uprooting of desire in a graded manner. The webinar will broadly cover the following themes, with time at the end for participation and sharing of personal experiences/anecdotes:
- What is Desire - its roots and origin.
- The cause of Desire and its cure - the Gita's way
- "Desire was the helper, desire is the bar'
- Physical Prana and Psychic Prana
- The Satisfaction, Repression and Conquest of Desire
- To conquer a desire gives more satisfaction than to fulfil it
- Desire and Work, Desire and Knowledge
- Questions and Answers and Contemplative worksheet.

  1. Desire is the Helper, Desire is the Bar

    New Perspectives: Desire was the Helper, Desire is the Bar

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