Concentration and Meditation, Letting the Writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother Guide Our Practice with Letitia Walker

Concentration (Dharana) and Meditation (Dhyana) are meaningful ways to de-stress, improve our quality of sleep, mitigate anxiety, reduce blood pressure and improve brain health along with more energetic benefits of a deeper connection to self, greater self-awareness, and a focused mind with an open heart. But even though these benefits are enticing, learning how to concentrate and meditate can be challenging. If you want to develop a meditation practice but keep finding obstacles in your path, Letitia Walker will introduce you to three simple, effective concentration and meditation techniques that can be done in just a few minutes to keep you connected to your inner source of guidance as well as deliver the physical benefits of meditation. These techniques, called Heartfull® Meditation, are all grounded in the writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and Letitia will share passages of their work during the meditation to deepen your connection to these dear teachers.

Concentration and Meditation with Letitia Walker

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