Change Point with Joan Craig

Choose habits that create joy, health, and peace, in the midst of a pandemic and worldwide turmoil.

Whether you’ve been in a frenzy or on pause since March 2020, you’ve likely been thinking a lot about your life. When will it get back to normal? Do I even want to go back to normal? Do I want to live as I did before, at the same pace, with the same priorities? Or do I want to change some things?

Some are on the streets and on the Internet, speaking and demonstrating for change in our structures and systems. Some are using this time for self-improvement, getting in shape and learning new skills. Some are spending more time with family. Many feel too overwhelmed and exhausted to do anything other than get by, and take care of what’s in front of them. Many are taking life one day at a time.

It might seem impossible to feel joyful, healthy, and peaceful at this time, when you look at the outside world.

But when we look within, we can experience inner joy and peace at any time. You can then harness that inner energy to make healthy choices, even though the world feels crazy right now.

It’s commonly said that the Chinese character for “crisis” is composed of the words “danger” and “opportunity.” Some linguists differ, stating that the second word is more accurately translated “change point.”

2020 is definitely a change point. How do you want to come through it?

In this seminar, I offer you a framework for choosing behaviors that align with your true values, at this time when you may feel your limits are being tested. This is NOT a self-improvement seminar to motivate you to do more, nor is it a lecture about all the things you “should be doing.” Instead, it’s a guided reflection on what you can release, to make room for BEING you and doing what really matters. With time for listening, reflecting, journaling, and conversing, we will explore the five areas of focus that free you from “the shoulds” and help you design a simple lifestyle that creates peace and joy. You will leave this seminar with clarity on what daily and weekly habits make a direct, immediate impact on your health and happiness, and simple strategies to make them stick.

Joan Craig is a wellness coach who specializes in helping people Choose Joyful Health. She helps her clients become aware of the spiritual energy inside them and use it in simple, practical ways to be healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Change Point with Joan Craig

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