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Tools for AAC (Webinars)

AAC Implementation At Home

 Home routines look different for every family. Some are very organized, while others are more unstructured. Some are quiet and calm, while others are loud and busy. One fact remains the same in all families, though: communication is at the heart of everything! However, regardless of a family's type of routine, incorporating AAC into it can be stressful and intimidating. It doesn't need to be. Instead, with a few adjustments, AAC implementation at home can become natural and fun. After all, AAC at its core is simply another mode for interacting and engaging with loved ones. This webinar will provide families and support professionals with resources and tips to incorporate AAC in the home setting in a manageable, meaningful way. These strategies can be modified and applied to families with varying routines, dynamics and priorities. So, join us to get started today!

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