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AT for LD: iPad (Webinars)

Alternate Onscreen Keyboards For iPad

For people with learning disabilities, the iPad has developed into an indispensable tool for various language-based activities. With each new release of its mobile operating system, iPadOS, Apple has put a great deal of effort into steadily improving the built-in accessibility features of the iPad. Users can take advantage of built-in dictation, word prediction, and multiple options for text-to-speech. iPadOS also allows for the installation of third-party onscreen keyboards, increasing the amount of assistive technology that can be used universally with iPad apps that involve reading and writing. This webinar will first review how alternate onscreen keyboards are installed and used on iPads. Then, a number of specific keyboards will be demonstrated, including Read&Write for iPad, Co:Writer Universal, Dyslexia Keyboard, Grammarly Keyboard, and Phraseboard Keyboard.

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