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AT for LD: iPad (Webinars)

Assistive Technology For Learning Disabilities (Part 3): App Smashing For Reading, Writing and Notetaking

The iPad has steadily improved as an Assistive Technology (AT) tool for students with learning disabilities. The built-in accessibility of iOS includes text-to-speech, dictation, and word prediction that can help students with reading and writing. In addition, there are many AT-related apps that can be used to make language-based activities easier. Since many apps have single or limited functions, the challenge is figuring out how to combine apps in order to complete multi-step or complex tasks in school. The practice of combining apps into workflows has become known colloquially as “app smashing.” This webinar will focus on various app workflows that LD students can use to complete various assignments. Attention will be given to schoolwork involving reading, writing, and note taking.

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