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Free NEAT Webinars To Support Distance Learning And Virtual Connecting

With the current worldwide health issues affecting everyone's ability to get together, NEAT wants to reach out to our members, clients and community virtually. We are offering free webinars to provide AT/AAC education and professional development in the coming weeks. Please check back often for new videos.

***Please note, we are currently working on making all of our videos accessible and captioned. If there is a video you would like to watch that is not captioned and you need that accessibility, please contact NEAT and we will assist you.***

  1. AAC Resources: Reminders Of The Old, Introduction To The New

    Educators and related service providers who work with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) users have busy schedules.  They often struggle to find time to research existing, quality resources and to create new materials.   Does that statement apply to you?  NEAT to the rescue!  In this one-hour webinar, the presenter will share and discuss a selection of AAC-related resources developed by professionals and companies across the AAC community.  With this information readily available, and sometimes even for free, participants will gain new strategies to use right away in supporting the AAC implementation process.

  2. How To Caption For Free

    Are you now teaching online? Perhaps with videos? If so, you have a responsibility to make your videos accessible. This webinar will walk you through how to use free captioning tools to make video content more accessible. In addition, captioning best practices will be discussed as well as how to make videos more accessible overall.

  3. Joel, From Puppy To Guide Dog

    Join us for a personal look at my current guide dog, Joel. Participants will learn about how guide dogs grow, evolve and are trained through a story of his life. During the presentation, participants will see a slide show containing photos of Joel throughout various stages of his life. You will learn about how puppies are raised, socialized and trained to become guide dogs and you will see a short video of Joel guiding me on a daily walk.

  4. What's In The Lending Library For Alternative Access

    This webinar will discuss alternative access solutions for individuals with physical limitations or disabilities. We will review exciting features of these toys and discuss why you might choose one over the other. There will be a brief overview of the various alternative mice, keyboards, capability switches, etc. that an individual can use to access their mobile device or computer. All the items presented are available within the NEAT Lending Library for those who are NEAT members for a short term loan (30 days).

  5. Alternative Text 101

    The internet is flooded with pictures, just think about all of those adorable cat pictures your family and friends post on social media or all the images teachers use in their lesson plans! If you’re blind or have low vision, enjoying these pictures is not easy. Enter alt text! Alt text, or alternative text, is an incredibly important way authors or posters of these images and pictures can make them accessible to people using screen readers. In this webinar you’ll learn what alt text is, how to add it in various applications, and some guidelines to help you master this easy to implement but difficult to master assistive technology.

  6. Making Meetings More Accessible For Cheap

    Is keeping up in meetings difficult for you or someone you work with? Meetings can be tough since traditionally the information being delivered is largely auditory. But, if auditory information doesn’t match one’s learning style, whether it be due to being Deaf or hard of hearing, or having central processing disorder, etc., something needs to be done so they can more fully participate with everyone else! What about adding live captions to a meeting? Luckily, adding live captioning is easier and cheaper than ever, often times, it’s free! In this webinar you’ll learn about various ways to add live captions to a meeting which can help participants better participate, take notes, and revisit the material later.

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