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Connecticut SDE Sponsored NEAT Membership

  1. Packing A Punch With AT (Part 2): What We've Learned & What You Should Know

    This webinar will report our findings of the targeted assistive technology (AT) services provided to districts within Cohort C, as sponsored by the CT State Department of Education. We will highlight the “new norm” of AT service delivery as brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and what we’ve learned about virtual supports. We will continue to build your capacity with available resources (i.e. Lending Library, professional development opportunities, etc.) and today’s AT trend

  2. Packing A Punch With AT: Getting The Most Out Of Your AT Resources And Supports!

    This is a free, 2-hour webinar available to professionals who work in the Connecticut school districts. This webinar will get you started with your SDE-sponsored subscription with NEAT, build your capacity and review important resources for your team and district.

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