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FORMULES Supports/Espaces

These are the videos of the summer 2014 FORMULES colloquium at Cerisy (France)

Jean-Jacques Poucel "Figurations du Xenotext (Christian Bök)" First Part / Première partie

FORMULES Colloquium Formes : Supports / Espaces
Organized by Christelle Reggiani, Christophe Reig, Hermes Salceda, Jean-Jacques Thomas

Jean-Jacques Poucel (University of Calgari)
"Figurations du Xenotext (Christian Bök)"
July 30, PM
-- First Part / Première partie --
Video : Paula Klein & Nicole Dunham
Titles : Dany Jacob
Production/ Edition : Jean-Jacques Thomas
Copyright: Methodigital, 791 Productions, FORMULES, CCIC. 2015, all rights reserved

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