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Arcade Formules Video Creations

Film Production for Formules and FPC

  1. Jean-Marie Gleize "Five Books"

    Jean-Marie Gleize "Five Books"
    Editor Jean-Jacques Thomas
    Formules Colloquium Cerisy-la-Salle 2008
    "Forme / Informe"
    The poet Jean-Marie Gleize talks about post-poetry and about the collection of five books that represents the core of his auto-fiction production.

  2. Steve McCaffery "White Pages"

    Steve McCaffery "White Pages"
    Editor Jean-Jacques Thomas
    Colloquium "Cityscapes - Urbanités littéraires"
    September 11- 14, 2009
    Sound poetry. An Oulipian rendering of the listing of names on the Buffalo telephone book.
    Steve McCaffery is Professor of English and David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters at SUNY - Buffalo.

  3. Jean-Jacques Thomas / Michel Clavel "Paris en cube"

    Paris en cube
    January 2010
    Directed by Jean-Jacques Thomas
    Texts by Michel Clavel
    Produced by Methodigital
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    This is an experimental animated digital film which explores the plasticity of textual support. Away from the unidimensional space of the flat page, a digital support allows a text to take a multispatial dimension as well as a kinetic dimension. In this film the movement and the spatial plasticity follow the textual orientation rather than to force the reader / observer to move his/her body to adapt to the spatial orientation of a text not inscribed on the traditional page of a text. Computer-generated digital plasticity extricates a discursive object from the constraints of the traditional printed world.

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