No results. motion specialises in beauty, health and wellness imaging - from licensing premium, rights-managed, beautiful model released images through custom client digital solutions including motion, Gifs & Cinemagraphs.

Shooting RED, Alexa, Sony, Blackmagic Design, Canon or GoPro! Finished for 4K, HD, portrait in-store displays, social media, Instagram or completely bespoke we can supply you with short clips or produce a fully finished film.

We're passionate about imaging and here to help in your quest for sourcing or originating fresh, contemporary, creative content across both single and multi media platforms.

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  1. BD Social Media Teaser

    Brief: From a series of 3 x 'how to' films for the re-launch of BD Cosmetics, create a teaser for social media.

    The Film: Responsibilities included set, lighting, direction, filming and edit including origination of the intro and outro sequence.

  2. Glamorous Bun

    Brief: Create a high production value hair film with a daytime TV feel, web friendly, warm and informative.

    The Film: Creatively collaborating with the client, we were responsible for direction, filming with a 2 x camera set-up, lighting, location, audio, editing and final delivery.

  3. Ageing Well Skincare

    Brief: A positive ageing well skincare film conceptualised and created by

    The Film: The film was shot on RED, not just for its ability to record skin beautifully but to enable hi res extraction of still images. We controlled all elements including creative concept, talent, location, direction, music, graphics and editing. Shot with an ARRI Alura zoom and finished in 4K.

    This film can be licensed in it's entirety or individual clips are available on a RR basis. Still images and animated gifs are also available to extend brand continuity in print through digital to TV. Contact Lara on 01428 717548.

  4. Velvet Skin

    Brief: Create a short film to illustrate how to achieve 'velvet skin' with a high production, daytime TV feel.

    The Film: Our responsibilities included directing, filming with a 2 x camera set-up, lighting to ensure the skin conveyed 'velvet', audio, sourcing the right location, editing and final delivery of the 3 minute film for the client website.

  5. Blue

    Brief: To shoot stills and motion covering the new season's make-up trends. The films were to convey a 'how to' feel under the expert guidance of top Beauty Director Jo Glanville-Blackburn alongside top session make-up artist Dina Catchpole. It was important for the end usages that both motion and stills matched so the set was lit with that in mind. Utilising the same light source ensured that the shoot kept to schedule with the stills and four films shot within the day.

    The Film: This is one in a series of 4 x < 2 minute films created & delivered. Responsibilities included location, direction, lighting, audio and editing.

  6. Superdrug 'Vibrance' - Packaging

    Brief: Create still images for the new Superdrug Vibrance hair colour packaging which has real 'movement' in the hair.

    The Film: Working to very exact dimensions for the packaging, it was crucial that there were a lot of different frames from each model to enable flexibility in the final frame selection. Budget was also a factor and by using motion rather than stills it was all shot in 2 days at 50 fps which equated to 3,000 frames per 1 mins shooting. Here is a taster of the motion from which the still images were edited. We were responsible for directing, lighting, camera and all post production which included finding those 'perfect' frames.