Erin and Nathaniel Wedding Day

Erin and Nathaniel Wedding Highlight | Trinity United Presbyterian Church | Hopwood Social Hall | Hopwood PA

This is a wonderful couple. Erin has a smile that lights up a room and Nate is composed and calm. These two had a beautiful wedding day at Presbyterian Church in Uniontown. The service was as incredible as the church that stands iconically in the center of town. It was wonderful to be able to explore all the areas of United Presbyterian Church to find all the great cinema angles. What gorgeous place for a spectacular couple. While the two were getting ready for their big day Unit4media was able to capture some character moments and really get to know the pair. This is always a great time for us. The reception at Hopwood Social Hall was beautifully decorated, hospitably staffed and served delicious food by Myers Catering. Unit4media absolutely loves shooting here since we are filmmakers who live in Hopwood. What a wonderful day with people and places in our community. Thank you so much Erin and Nate for including us in your wedding day. We wish you years of happiness and hope you enjoy our wedding day documentaries as well.

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