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Charly and Ryan

Charly and Ryan are a couple of distance. She's Canadian and he's American. Take off eh? No way, they could not be more wonderful. Their ceremony was set by the pool at the Summit Hotel with a breath taking view stretching past Uniontown Pennsylvania all the way to Pittsburgh. The reception was in the Baron Room and it was wonderful. Thanks for choosing us to archive you special day.
If you would like to see images of the rehearsal visit:
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  1. Charly and Ryan Wedding Day Highlight | Everyone Dances and Interviews | Summit Inn | Hopwood PA

    This video features an edit of the bride and groom dancing with friends and family. Later you'll see a slow song and hear some heartfelt interviews from the same great people sharing their feelings about the couple. unit4media,,
    #unit4media #uniontownweddings #weddingvideography, #summitinn, #leannmariephotography
    Music by Earth Wind and Fire, "September" and Etta James "At Last"

  2. Charly and Ryan Wedding Day Highlight | Summit Inn | Hopwood PA

    This video features a highlight of Charly and Ryan's wedding day. This couple was outstanding and their friendship, fun and love affected everyone at the wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony and reception. The Summit Inn was an incredible back drop for the event and we had a great time just being around the couple doing our jobs. They were incredibly caring to us and we hope that passion manifested itself into the edits. It's great to work together as husband and wife to make these wedding moments come to life through video but it's really special when we have a connection with our clients. Thank you Charly and Ryan and we hope you enjoy our artwork as much as we enjoyed being your videographers.
    #unit4media #uniontownweddings #weddingvideography, #summitinn, #leannmariephotography