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Sounds of the Beacon

'Flooding' ALFA Project in association with Eden Rivers Trust

A group of reporters from UCC have been busy filming a news report about flooding in the local area. Working with Eden Rivers Trust, they were challenged to come up with their own ideas to raise awareness about flooding amongst young people. As part of their fact-finding mission, the students put their journalistic skills to the test by researching topical issues such as “Is recent flooding a result of climate change?”, “What can be done to reduce flooding?” and “How have recent flood affected peoples lives?”. After interviewing local people in Penrith and Eamont Bridge about their experiences of flooding they spoke to the Environment Agency to find out how a new flood storage basin on the outskirts of Penrith is helping to reduce flood risk in the town. Lucy Dugdale from Eden Rivers Trust said: “I was really impressed by the students professional interview skills and journalistic ability. Thank you to all the students and staff from UCC who have helped with the project”. The initative is part of the Alfa project funded by the European Union.

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