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Life on the Rift

A multimedia project exploring the people, cultures, arts, lifestyles, living systems, and habitats of the Rio Grande Rift region, a unique part of the American Southwest. Produced and directed by James Cederlof of Tymely Productions. Featuring documentary shorts, event videography, music videos, webcasting-live streaming.

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  1. Taos Ice Tigers 2013-14 season highlights

    Taos Youth Hockey Varsity-Team, the Ice Tigers 2013-14 season championship game highlights.

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  2. Taos Tales, Taos Tells

    This video short was produced through UNM-Taos in fall 2005. Media arts instructor James Cederlof supported participants in the making of their stories featuring life and arts in Taos New Mexico.

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  3. Taos Ice Tigers 2014-15 season highlights

    A glimpse into the Taos Ice Tigers Varsity Hockey Team's 2014-15 season.

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