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Life on the Rift

A multimedia project exploring the people, cultures, arts, lifestyles, living systems, and habitats of the Rio Grande Rift region, a unique part of the American Southwest. Produced and directed by James Cederlof of Tymely Productions. Featuring documentary shorts, event videography, music videos, webcasting-live streaming.

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  1. Mother Jones In Heaven

    Vivian Nesbitt as Mother Jones in a musical by Si Kahn, directed by Alice Jankell with John Dillon on guitar. Documented at Metta Theatre in Taos, New Mexico in front of a live audience July 2018 by James Cederlof - Tymely Productions.

    Si Kahn’s powerful musical Mother Jones in Heaven brings her to life with story and song in a compelling theatrical event.

    This one-women performance, with one foot in the folk tradition of storytelling and acoustic guitar, and the other in the true American art of Musical Theater, has audiences leaping to their feet at the curtain call!

    “Mother” Jones championed the rights of workers to fair wages and safe working conditions. Mine workers, mill workers, child laborers, and the disenfranchised were her “children.” She fought with the most powerful tool she had: her words.

  2. I Do What I Do

    This Music Video was made by Atyr Cederlof and Judah Medina Armstrong, with some help from Tymely Productions and friends. Produced as part of Digital Media Arts at UNM-Taos' program.

  3. Elephant Revival at KATOS Solar Center - Highlighting a live webcast

    This video short features highlights from a live webcast of a performance by Elephant Revival at KTAOS Solar Center in Taos New Mexico April 16th 2013.

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  4. Roosters in the Roundhouse

    This documentary short was produced as part of the Digital Film Intensive Program (documentary track) through Santa Fe Community College, with support from New Mexico Film Office, State of NM and SF local TV Ch.16. Instructor/Director James D Cederlof works with many schools, institutions and organizations to bring Storytelling with Media to life. The participants did a wonderful job in putting together a short documentary telling the story of a debt that has been going on for many years about cockfighting and NM Senate bill 10 in 2007.

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  5. Invent Event 2015 - Life on the Rift

    This video short highlights an event in Taos New Mexico put on by Twirl, The Invent Event April 11th 2015. Videography by James Cederlof of Tymely Productions.

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  6. Taos Live - December 2013 Highlights

    This video short highlights Taos Live, a monthly variety show at Taos Mesa Brewing in December 2013. Produced by James Cederlof - Tymely Productions.

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