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Sports and Humor


It’s that time of year when young hearts are full of love and flowers wake up from winter naps. Songbirds begin to fill the air but then again so does pollen. And sometimes pollen’s allergens irritate people to the breaking point. So pull on your sport jacket and put on a tie. Tune in to this week’s #GetCasual as Daniel hands out Valentine cards to his loyal assembly of office employees during the morning meeting. Who will fall in love? Who will be left scorned?

Don’t be a square. #PressPlay and find out!

Featuring: Daniel Fickle, James Strayer, Joe Forsythe, Kyle Simmons
Script: Courtney Eck
Camera: Josh Sales
Sound: Donna Dresch
Editing: #EditorJoe
Special Thanks: Jaret Ferratusco, Alex Heller

A Two Penguins “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” #CasualFriday / 02.13.15 / #TPC047

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