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  1. OPAPP VN#4 Re-Engagement

    In this session OPAPP participants learned about Re-Engagement. Re-Engagement is all about getting students back on track when there's been a "disconnect" between the material presented and their understanding of it. Teachers learned to recognize those instances and learned strategies for re-designing the lesson - not simply re-teaching it - using students' own work to hone in on the misconceptions and clarify them.

  2. Somali Math Problem

    The Somali Math Problem presented October 4, 2011 by Abdinur Mohamud, Ph.D. for the Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project illustrates the challenges ELL students and teachers face in the classroom. In this exercise participants faced not only the challenge of deciphering the language of Somali but also the language of math.

  3. OPAPP VN#3 Formative Instructional Techniques & Feedback

    One of the biggest components of our ODE OPAPP project is professional development.

    The first PD session was on Formative Instructional Techniques that provide a mechanism for teachers to find out what their students know. Presentations included research-proven Wait Time, fun Rapid Response strategies and Graphic Organizers. Teachers shared their own variations of some of these techniques and practiced how they would implement them in their classrooms.

    Our second OPAPP session was on Feedback. Feedback should guide students to improve their performance without being so specific that the teacher is completely redoing the student’s work. Participants learned about questioning strategies that build understanding like Question Shells, Range Finding and Scaffolding.

  4. Big Picture

    Lauren V. Monowar-Jones, PhD. details the Big Picture of the Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project

  5. ODE-OPAPP-Quick Review

    A quick review of still images taken during OPAPP PD sessions.
    These images are available for future PD sessions and publications. For internal use only. All use is subject to picture use agreement by those in the picture. The music is 1980's Italo disco, subject to original copyright, who ever that is.

  6. Teacher Focus

    The Ohio Dept. of Education's Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project is focused on teachers. View this short clip and understand.