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Video Collections from Turnitin User Events

  1. Turnitin User Event - Anaheim

    Panel discussion from the Turnitin User Event in Anaheim, California on October 12, 2010.

  2. Turnitin User Event - Denver

    Recorded version of the Turnitin User Event in Denver, Colorado, on June 27, 2010. Since this is a long video, you can click on the time links below to jump to the various segments and panelists (these links will only work if the video has loaded past that time):

    0:00 Intro and Overview
    7:56 Panel Discussions
    9:17 Jennifer Doherty - Handling and addressing instances of potential plagiarism in Turnitin from an instructor and administrator perspective
    15:01 Judy Kurtz - Using Turnitin as a support tool for teaching advanced level writing
    33:03 Heather Scott - Effectively using QuickMark comments and rubrics in Turnitin GradeMark; Running a paperless class with Turnitin
    53:46 Renee Bangerter - Using PeerMark across the disciplines as an essential tool for the writing cycle
    68:17 Turnitin2 Preview Demonstration
    76:34 Turnitin Academy and Closing

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