2017 was a year of evolution for TrueNorth: we focused on key initiatives rooted in our vision and mission statements, and announced an important progression within our firm's leadership. These milestones continue to provide us with a clear focus and sound unwavering direction.

2018 takes us further down this road. In our quest to build an "Owners Manual" for TrueNorth, we will continue focusing on building our legacy company while improving upon our foundational strengths. Thanks for being a big part of TrueNorth. We look forward to 2018 and beyond with you.

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TrueNorth Leadership Evolution

"Every organization is anchored in the present and in the pursuit of current opportunities, while continually envisioning the future. The two skill sets are entirely different, which is why I think organizations ought to have a 'president of the present' who is taking care of business today, and a 'president of the future' who runs the equivalent of an internal think tank to envision what tomorrow will look like." - Ken Blanchard, "The Leadership Journey"