2017 was a year of evolution for TrueNorth: we focused on key initiatives rooted in our vision and mission statements, and announced an important progression within our firm's leadership. These milestones continue to provide us with a clear focus and sound unwavering direction.

2018 takes us further down this road. In our quest to build an "Owners Manual" for TrueNorth, we will continue focusing on building our legacy company while improving upon our foundational strengths. Thanks for being a big part of TrueNorth. We look forward to 2018 and beyond with you.

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TrueNorth's Why

Since 2001, TrueNorth has focused on assisting clients with protecting and maximizing assets, resources, and opportunities. The firm's entrepreneurial operating platform and model has successfully enabled TrueNorth to increase sales sevenfold and expand market presence. The firm's growth is in alignment with TrueNorth's 20/20 vision, which establishes a goal of over $1 billion in premiums and anticipated growth to accommodate over 400 staff members.

With these intentions, TrueNorth has made strategic efforts to anticipate future opportunities and growth, including implementing a business succession plan carefully designed to delineate and facilitate effective transition from generation to generation.