TRLLM (K8Howl & JakRitger) Music Videos - 2013 - 2019
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Rye Pines - "ICEBOX" [Official Video]

Filmed over the course of two years, ICEBOX serves as a time-capsule by capturing four artists in moments of transition. Moving from one place, medium, sound, idea to another, each artist creates a fleeting self-portrait. The result is an attempt hold onto to a feeling before it is only a memory. The collaboration is an antidote to the intensity and sharpness of heartache as well as the crushing silence of depression hinted at in Edward Maguire’s lyric “I don’t trust anybody not worn by it” The four artists orbit the song like planets; the gravity and mass of the sound keeping each in place. The raucous folding and condensing of Alex Page’s drums are a black hole pulling us all in.

1. K8 Howl wanders the streets of Lower Allston. In those late nights shadows grow long and stillness is found in the concrete & closed windows. She shaves her head in an attempt to free herself from past & future. But how long can we live in the present?

2. Kat Hornstein appears as an apparition, a caped figure moving into darkness. The fabric bends and beckons us to follow. But we don't dare journey with her to a place made of ephemeral kinetic energy and dissolve into vapor.

3. Jak Ritger spins and swirls about, his skateboard serving as a way to escape the bounds and expectations of gravity. If he can stay balanced then maybe, just maybe he will have to never return to earth. But, the centripetal force can split you in two.

4. Duane Gorey is nocturnal. Roaming the empty neighborhood with drone tones emanating from his boombox. Imagining a not-so-distant future in which an automated delivery locker is our only hope for survival. He reaches up and ascends into the light; the final ritual performance.

TRLLM is K8 Howl & Jak Ritger. Together the team has collaborated with Kat Hornstein and Duane Gorey on video, performance, music and interactive artworks.

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Rye Pines new record "Roll with the Urchins" out now

Xander Page- Drums
M. Pando- Bass
E.L. Maguire IV- Guitar,vocals

Recorded 2/2/17 in Boston, MA by Chris McLaughlin
Vocals recorded 3/2/17 in Brooklyn, NY by ELMiv
Mixed by ELMiv at Beiderbecke Studios Sunnyside, NY
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance Cambridge, MA
All songs by Rye Pines except track 6 by Jana Hunter
Album Art by Lindsey Boss
released January 6, 2018