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Welcome to London 1935

Welcome to London # 01

Welcome to London (1935):
An unfinished promotional film

"The city's first booster film went into production in late 1935 and was designed to show off the beauties of the city to potential investors. The project was doomed from the start. Winter-time views made London look too desolate and one the highlighted businesses, Carling Breweries, closed up its London operations midway through production".

We haven't found any evidence of the film being completed or released, but there is a 16mm copy in the London Room -the London Public Library unit devoted to the preservation of items related to the history of the city-.

As part of The Dominion Public Building documentary project, we converted the old film into a high-resolution digital version.

Some of London's heritage landmarks appear in the film -and also many parks, buildings and city streets-. The film showcases 44 different locations.

Could you help us to identify those places?
If you have any clues, please comment on Facebook or send us an email. Thanks!

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