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These are mainly 15 minutes or less, quick and simple effective HIIT workouts. The majority of them are just bodyweight, but you can find dumbbells and TRX in here too.

Training by Tara Online Workouts

1.) Squat + Kickback with Hop (optional)
2.) Racers Lunge (With hop optional) alternating R THEN L
3) Speed Skater
4.) Pendulum (or slow)
5.) Plank Jacks or Toe Taps
6.) Frogger Jumps Forward & Back or stay low & pulse
7.) Massive Climbers / Mountain Climbers
8.) Star Jumps or Jumping Jacks
9.) Donkey Kicks (Or Small hops)
10.) Burpee's or step backs, or jump squats, or squats
30 seconds rest

Repeat! For a 10 min HIIT, or do it 3 x for a 15 minute HIIT.

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