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A variety of workouts that just require a set of dumbbells! Ranging from full body, to core, to legs, arms + abs.

Training by Tara Online Workouts

Tried something different today- this workout doesn't have any talking- you just follow along with the movies and the timer and we do two rounds! Will be uploading this again with the full version if you didn't like this style! The workout is:

30/10 intervals

1.) Swing, Thruster, Rv Lunge OH
2.) Deadlift Row + Glute Squeeze
3.) V-Hold Scissor kicks weighted
4.) Froggy Abs- Russian Twist
5.) Chest Press- (out in with feet) w/ Weighted V-Sits
6.) Lunge Hold Knee in + Fly
7.) Squat Hold Figure 8 + Front Raise
8.) Squat Stomp OH -Deadlift weight extends
9.) In/ out jump squat with dumbbell-(curl) + kick

X 2
Let me know what you thought about this format!

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