Video production and original music production

5th episode of a series of video installations conceived to be placed in the chiil out rooms of the Qc TermeSPA network, La Vivana tells the story of a legendary creature who lives in the forest and suddenly decides to leave the wildlife and enter a village. What will she find?

Shot in 4k RED Cine by Alvise Tedesco
Edited by Claudio Giorgi on FCPX
Colored by Fabio Colombo on Da Vinci Resolve
Field recording by Claudio Giorgi
Original music composed and played by Walter Marocchi and Claudio Giorgi rerded and mixed at Torrevado Studio

Directed by Gilles Cheney

Executive producer Nicola Pittaluga

More video productions by Torrevado at vimeopro.com/torrevadostudio/video-productions