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CTM Missions

Christian Team Ministries )works to share the gospel, equip believers to serve in the great commission and to provide opportunities to send workers into the field. For more information, visit:

  1. Legends of New Western Glory: "Destined Message"

    Filmed on-site of the 42nd CTM "High Altitude Running Camp" ; depicts random segments of events.from the 2012 running camp, speakers and guests. Any appearance of characterizaion,or "making fun" of anyone is not intentional; you can poke fun at how dirty the camera lens is.

  2. Partners in the Great Commission

    Some highlights of the first 20 years featuring ministerial collaboration of Christian Team Ministries with Filipino partners such as Lifegate Baptist Church and Calvary Chapel Bacolod.

  3. Christian Team Ministries

    Christian Team Ministries is a non-denominational / non-profit organization. This video describes the mission and many funtions of CTM. Most of the people (but not all) who appear in this video have some relationship with CTM, either as a volunteer or participant in a CTM activity (e.g. running camps and clinics). This video was produced free of charge to CTM and serves as information to individuals who wish to learn about Christian Team Ministries.

  4. Called

    The Christian Team Ministries High Altitude Running Camp was held at Grouse Ridge Campgrounds. Besides developing running ability, the camp encourages an affirmative response to the invitiation of Jesus Christ. This video is but a mere reflection of that call.