Video Archives

Check out this sampling of recent work. We’re proud to offer a wide range of production styles to meet any need or challenge.

  1. TMS DemoReel

    Let's work together and make something amazing.

  2. HP LaserJet Spring 2015 Portfolio

    We created a showcase video using nearly all 3D animation. HP featured this video “center stage” on their Spring Launch web page.

  3. HP Officejet Enterprise "whiteboard"

    See how we explain HP’s exciting new technology using fun, whiteboard-style graphics.


    TMS drone photography is perfect for getting amazing aerial footage for your business.

  5. Washington Companies Profile

    To produce this video, we traveled throughout the US and British Columbia, Canada, capturing images from the Washington Companies' vast business operations. The challenges in logistics, weather, and lighting are more complex when dealing with trains, container ships, ferries, barges, and massive heavy equipment or shipyard environments. Safety is always our top concern, but we're also very careful not to interrupt any critical time-sensitive procedures.

  6. HP BI Modernization Overview

    Our mission was to take an incredibly complicated concept, interview a score of HP experts from around the world, and create an easy to understand, educational and entertaining video.