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Houdini Tutorial - Electricity Generator


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Hey guys,
Been a while since I uploaded any tutorials. But been busy with doing my personal teaserfilm 'Tether', which includes a lot of electricity type effects. So I figured i'd make a extensive tutorial on how to make a electricity generator HDA.
Tutorial goes in to detail on how to build the assets and how you could expand on top of it.

00:00:06 - intro
00:01:09 - seting up controls adding lines
00:04:06 - adding speed controls
00:09:44 - shape splines to base geo
00:10:44 - remove by length
00:14:08 - creating the bulge
00:17:16 - creating width foreach prim
00:22:07 - adding noises
00:37:07 - creating branches
00:46:00 - split branches
00:48:26 - adding width and noises to branches
00:56:30 - spawning by attribute
00:58:55 - hiding parameters in custom interface
01:05:02 - adding thickness for rendering
01:12:00 - rendering
01:15:46 - splitting renders with takes
01:24:01 - comp stuff

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