Семья (Family)

Семья (Family) | Festival Screener

Drama, Foreign-Language, 3 minutes

Concept piece for larger story by Hans Obma, actor notorious for his accent work, apt in almost every European dialect.

Yuri, a young Russian assassin, receives an unconventional meeting request from seasoned competitor Sergei. Though both would rather keep their distance, an order to kill Yuri’s family hits too close to home for them both.

“I was excited for the challenge of directing in another language. For my upcoming Italy feature, I’ve been learning Italian. However, I didn’t have time to learn Russian before diving into Семья. I knew I could only direct the film I was freed from the distraction of wondering what was being said. So, I recorded the actors doing a monotone read of the script and listened to it hundreds of times while reading the screenplay. By the day of the shoot, I could understand what the actors were saying, and could completely focus my attention on delivery.”

Directed and Edited by Erin Brown Thomas
Written by Hans Obma
Starring Hans Obma, Lex Quarterman
Cinematography by Beth Napoli

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