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With experience as an editor of commercials, reality television, and documentaries, Director M. Sean McManus has focused on creating macro-budget films as a form of self expression. Utilizing a strict regime of advanced techniques in memory dilation, temporal analgesia, and hypno-aggressive meditation; all incidents depicted are based on lived experiences and made more real by the cinematic process. It is with the unmatched support of producer Mary E. Brickthrower and the help of countless others that these visions come to life before you.

The Ood "WW" [Official Music Video] (3:33)

The official music video for THE OOD's original song "WW". The Ood are a Punk Rock, Rockabilly, Hard Rock quintet based in Tampa, Florida. They are:

Jake Crash - Vocals
Christa54 - Guitar
Jimmy Deuces - Guitar
Loretta GoGetta - Bass
McCracken - Drums


Official video shot and edited by M. Sean McManus. Lighting by McManus & McCracken. Produced by GoGetta & Brickthrower.