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With experience as an editor of commercials, reality television, and documentaries, Director M. Sean McManus has focused on creating macro-budget films as a form of self expression. Utilizing a strict regime of advanced techniques in memory dilation, temporal analgesia, and hypno-aggressive meditation; all incidents depicted are based on lived experiences and made more real by the cinematic process. It is with the unmatched support of producer Mary E. Brickthrower and the help of countless others that these visions come to life before you.

The Dweller on the Threshold (14:34)

Hammered and wandering the dark city, Ivy encounters an ominous stranger and her life is transformed forever as reality and mythology collide in the forgotten recesses of Philadelphia.

The Dweller on the Threshold stars Melissa O'Donnell and Corey Sosner. Featuring Jamil Gaines, Andrew Hunsicker, and Aaron Moskowitz. Original Musical Score by The Red Coat- AKA Adam Schwartz. Additional music by Tommie Kelly, Weird Hot, and Americans UK. Poster art by Tommie Kelly. Blending myth and magic The Dweller on the Threshold draws inspiration from real experiences and pays homage to the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Lynch, Frost, Starlin, Wrightson, and Wray.

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