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Director M. Sean McManus has focused on creating micro-budget films as a form of self expression. With the support of producer Mary E. Brickthrower and countless others these visions come before you. Utilizing a strict regimen of advanced techniques in memory dilation, temporal analgesia, and hypno-meditation; these films are based on lived experiences and clarified by the cinematic process.

I've Always Been Here (09:20)

A new mother must defend her family against supernatural forces while her husband is out of town.

Winner Best Original Score Terror Film Festival 2015

Third place winner in The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts David Lynch Film Project. The top three winners were selected by David Lynch and his studio.

Featured at 6th Occasional Int'l Spotty Dog Film Festival
Honorable Mention Twin Peaks Fest Short Film Festival 2015
Official Selection 2015 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

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Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by
M. Sean McManus (AKA “The Warped One”)

Original Music & Sound Design by
Adam Schwartz (AKA “The Red Coat”)

Lori Hallorann - Jess Pedratchick
Derek Hallorann - Jason Poggioli
Fear - Brian C. Nieves
Baby - Ian Henry

Story by
M. Sean McManus
Loretta McCracken

Produced by
Mary E. Brickthrower
Jess Pedratchick
M. Sean McManus

Additional Photography & Audio
Mark Schey

Additional Equipment
Matt Spade

Special Thanks
Tony Travia
Jeff & Anita Page
Melissa O’Donnell
Heather Schey
Corey Sosner
Morgan Spade
Lindsay Levine Schwartz
Gloria Lewis
Ron Laskodi
Glen Zeigler
Røde Microphones
Blackmagic Design
Apple Computers
Adobe Creative Cloud
Palomar Hotel, Philadelphia
Cornerstone Pictures
Center City Film & Video

“I’ve Always Been Here”
© 2014 M. Sean McManus