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With experience as an editor of commercials, reality television, and documentaries, Director M. Sean McManus has focused on creating macro-budget films as a form of self expression. Utilizing a strict regime of advanced techniques in memory dilation, temporal analgesia, and hypno-aggressive meditation; all incidents depicted are based on lived experiences and made more real by the cinematic process. It is with the unmatched support of producer Mary E. Brickthrower and the help of countless others that these visions come to life before you.

  1. Weird Hot: Baby Lucky [Official Music Video] (2:55)

    "Baby Lucky" by Weird Hot off their latest album.

    Check them out live!

    Official Site:

  2. The Red Coat: I Fold [Official Music Video] (4:33)

    Official Music Video for The Red Coat's I Fold.

    Check out the full album.

  3. I'll Meet You There (02:23)

    A short film for you to watch before bed.

    Starring the lovely Mary E. Brickthrower. Additional voice work by Monica Brown.
    This piece would not be half of what it is if not for The Red Coat's amazing original music and sound design. Thank you Adam! Check out more of his work here:

    Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in ProRes.

  4. The Last Sin of Mark Grimm Chapters 1-3 (12:22)

    Mark Grimm hunts for his kidnapped wife. The search leads him in the underworld both physically and metaphysically in this Neo-Noir Mythological mash-up.

    I wrote, directed, edited, and animated The Last Sin of Mark Grimm 1-3 based on the comic book of the same name that I created with the help of the talented illustrator Chris Moreno.

    Published by Silent Devil comics in 2006-2007, this animated version of the comic was commissioned by (now and appeared there for ten years. Sadly that partnership is now over and appears here exclusively.

    This compilation of three chapters represents the first volume of The Last Sin of Mark Grimm that was published as part of a four issue mini-series. Sadly we never got to animate the rest of the series, please view this short as a demonstration of my work and as an introduction to The Last Sin of Mark Grimm comic.

    Special thanks to and