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With experience as an editor of commercials, reality television, and documentaries, Director M. Sean McManus has focused on creating macro-budget films as a form of self expression. Utilizing a strict regime of advanced techniques in memory dilation, temporal analgesia, and hypno-aggressive meditation; all incidents depicted are based on lived experiences and made more real by the cinematic process. It is with the unmatched support of producer Mary E. Brickthrower and the help of countless others that these visions come to life before you.

  1. Jane Is Found

    Sadie is having a tough time adjusting to her new home and Ben's controlling ways aren't making it any easier. Luckily Sadie is about to make the most unlikely friend.

    TRT: 17:17:17

    Filmed on Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera
    Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
    Color in DaVinci Resolve
    Sound mix Pro Tools

    © 2018 The Warped One, LLC All rights reserved

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  2. INCINERATOR (6:30)

    The movement is over, but the work must continue. Sister knows its up to her to complete the mission, will Brother stop her? This dread filled sci-fi dystopia was filmed entirely against green screen. Based on the short comic story written by Mary. E. Brickthrower & M. Sean McManus. Film cover illustration by Rev. Dave Johnson.



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  3. The Dweller on the Threshold (14:34)

    Hammered and wandering the dark city, Ivy encounters an ominous stranger and her life is transformed forever as reality and mythology collide in the forgotten recesses of Philadelphia.

    The Dweller on the Threshold stars Melissa O'Donnell and Corey Sosner. Featuring Jamil Gaines, Andrew Hunsicker, and Aaron Moskowitz. Original Musical Score by The Red Coat- AKA Adam Schwartz. Additional music by Tommie Kelly, Weird Hot, and Americans UK. Poster art by Tommie Kelly. Blending myth and magic The Dweller on the Threshold draws inspiration from real experiences and pays homage to the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Lynch, Frost, Starlin, Wrightson, and Wray.

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  4. I've Always Been Here (09:20)

    A new mother must defend her family against supernatural forces while her husband is out of town.

    Winner Best Original Score Terror Film Festival 2015

    Third place winner in The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts David Lynch Film Project. The top three winners were selected by David Lynch and his studio.

    Featured at 6th Occasional Int'l Spotty Dog Film Festival
    Honorable Mention Twin Peaks Fest Short Film Festival 2015
    Official Selection 2015 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

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    Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by
    M. Sean McManus (AKA “The Warped One”)

    Original Music & Sound Design by
    Adam Schwartz (AKA “The Red Coat”)

    Lori Hallorann - Jess Pedratchick
    Derek Hallorann - Jason Poggioli
    Fear - Brian C. Nieves
    Baby - Ian Henry

    Story by
    M. Sean McManus
    Loretta McCracken

    Produced by
    Mary E. Brickthrower
    Jess Pedratchick
    M. Sean McManus

    Additional Photography & Audio
    Mark Schey

    Additional Equipment
    Matt Spade

    Special Thanks
    Tony Travia
    Jeff & Anita Page
    Melissa O’Donnell
    Heather Schey
    Corey Sosner
    Morgan Spade
    Lindsay Levine Schwartz
    Gloria Lewis
    Ron Laskodi
    Glen Zeigler
    Røde Microphones
    Blackmagic Design
    Apple Computers
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Palomar Hotel, Philadelphia
    Cornerstone Pictures
    Center City Film & Video

    “I’ve Always Been Here”
    © 2014 M. Sean McManus

  5. A Woman Full of Trouble (07:11)

    Evil. As her footfalls draw near so does your fate. When Candy stops for a cup of joe, the trouble she brews will haunt you for decades.

    Melissa O’Donnell and Aimee Theresa star in this noir inspired short, Written and directed by myself. Original Music by Adam Schwartz, sound design by Bob Dungay. Cover poster by Rob Reilly. (07:11)

    Winner Best Film L.A. Neo-Noir Film Festival MMXV

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    French Translation provided by Rosalie Vermette.

  6. The Ood "WW" [Official Music Video] (3:33)

    The official music video for THE OOD's original song "WW". The Ood are a Punk Rock, Rockabilly, Hard Rock quintet based in Tampa, Florida. They are:

    Jake Crash - Vocals
    Christa54 - Guitar
    Jimmy Deuces - Guitar
    Loretta GoGetta - Bass
    McCracken - Drums


    Official video shot and edited by M. Sean McManus. Lighting by McManus & McCracken. Produced by GoGetta & Brickthrower.