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Waterbury Connecticut events captured by the City's official videographer.

Jamaican Mayor for the Day 2015 – Terrence Saunders

Flag Raising Ceremony
Friday, August 7, 2015
Waterbury Connecticut City Hall

Waterbury honors restauranteur Founder of the West Indian Social Club of Greater Waterbury as honorary "Jamaican Mayor for the Day".

Hailing from Clarendon, Jamaica – Mr. Terrence Saunders first arrived in the U.S.A. in 1981 and quickly got busy building the American dream.

Today, he is the proud owner of Bertie's West Indian and American Restaurant – an established business in the City of Waterbury for over 24 years.

Success did not come easy or quickly, with humble beginnings as a dishwasher at a few restaurants within the Waterbury area, Mr. Saunders dreamed of bigger and better things for himself and his family and wasted no time getting started.

Obtaining a union position in the construction industry allowed Mr. Saunders to set the foundation upon which he would build that success and the American dream.

Within 10 years of arriving in America – he set his sights on becoming a business owner and within 2 short years after taking a good look around, he found his niche – the simple enjoyment of West Indian cuisine combined with the love of local dishes – the restaurant was born out of providing a much needed and non-existent business in Waterbury. What has kept the business running is beyond providing a simple need. What has kept the business running comes from Mr. Saunders' passion for people and his community – he knows most if not all his customers by name, he lights up as a second generation customer comes through the door, he can recall serving their mother / father and is now serving them and their children – and he hopes his children will in turn serve their children and grand children.