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TFG Complete Video Library

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  1. The Activity Tracker - Fitz

    Fitz explains the basics of the Activity Tracker including how and why to use this innovative tool.

  2. Lead Program Basics - Fitz

    Fitz covers the basics of the lead program. Great video to watch before discussing lead purchases with your mentor/manager.

  3. CFG: SafeShield - Gina Hawks

    Product training by Gina Hawks.

  4. TFG Sales System - Mental Preparation - Fitz

    Fitz shares the mental prep behind booking and running appointments.

  5. TFG Sales System - ATM: The In-Home Presentation - Megan Yeakey & Fitz

    Megan Yeakey & Fitz walk through the basics of how to use our in-home presentation. This is a must-see before running your first appointments and if you need to get back to the basics of running appointments.

  6. Phone Script Basics - Joe Walker

    Joe Walker trains on lead dialing essentials.