A sculptor working in bronze, stainless steel, concrete, and steel, Hoss Haley uses recycled discarded metal–including washing machines or scrapped cars–literally dug up from the scrap yard to create large-scale installations that generate a dialogue tied to environmentalism and throwaway culture, the value of domestic commodities, American ingenuity, and history. By building his own custom hydraulic presses to manipulate the found appliances, Haley explains, “My father is a tinkerer and I inherited that from him. For me, it’s integral to the process. I tend to work responsively to the material [and] that’s one reason I build my own machines. I feel if you treat metal with the tools available you tend to get results that are typical so by jumping in without being bound by that, but leaving the possibilities open, then it’s all discovery.”

For YIELD, Haley will present a new iteration of The Drawing Machine, a tabletop machine built by Haley that mechanically makes drawings based on the movements of people in the gallery. Activated by motion sensors, each drawing is a unique object, dependent upon the audience’s presence, size, and activity. Alongside this interactive piece, Haley will show selections from The White Series, a series of three-dimensional monumental objects made from the skins of salvaged washing machines. Finally, for the first time, Haley will display Glacier, a 132 in. long boulder comprised of washing machines that continues his exploration, started over a decade ago, of erratic boulders.

YIELD will feature an interactive artist talk which is free and open to the public, an original video documenting the artist’s studio processes, an exhibition catalog and children’s gallery guide, as well as ENGAGE Programming, which will deliver hands-on, gallery-based education to senior adults from Richmond’s east end, and to children from Richmond Public Schools and other school and community groups from across the region.