As one might imagine, we at The Armoury are quite enthusiastic about ties. They can be many things: a subtle punctuation, a counterbalance of colour and texture, an item to highlight and draw the eye, a motif that represents you or your organization, etc. Beyond just the material choice of tie, the ways in which people tie their ties and how they like their knots is fascinating in its own way.

I have started a little side project capturing my friends during their minute of knotty focus, recording their sweeping hands as they wind and twist the cloth and saving the micro movements in between, adjusting and refining the knot. What is left is to be enjoyed. The symmetry or asymmetry of the knot, the dimples, the tension, the size and the arc.

If there is a message to this project, it would be:

There is no right or wrong way to tie a tie, only the ways you like to tie it.

(I have purposely left out audio from the shorts because silence is golden. Also, Apple might sue me.)

Tie Tying #8 - Salvatore Ambrosi