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Teradek Capabilities

A variety of videos that showcase the uses of Teradek products.

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  1. Bond II - Aerial Filmmaking

    The Teradek team spent the day with Aerial Filmworks to film a new commercial for Brandman University. A Bond II was used to provide live monitoring to the team on the ground at video village.

    Learn more about Brandman University:

  2. Bond II - Remote Monitoring with Infiniti

    Teradek woke up at the crack of dawn to join Partizan to film a new commercial for Inifiniti. A Bond II was used for remote monitoring as the car was filmed driving through the Mammoth Mountain forest.

  3. Bond II - Live Surf Streaming

    Some of the Teradek team decided to catch some waves and stream it with the brand new Bond II.

  4. Bond with Tmobile

    An aerial production in San Francisco, CA used a Teradek Bond to send a monitor feed over 4G cellular networks from the helicopter to the Client and Executive Producers on the ground in Oakland, CA.

    "The End" (Tor) / CC BY 3.0

  5. SXSW Feed the Beat: Teradek Cube in Action

    See what Teradek did for Taco Bell's Feed the Beat @ SXSW. 12 Cubes used to stream Passion Pit live to @Ustream

  6. Joyride: Broadcasting live from a Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    Using the Teradek Cube and Bond over multiple cellular modems, DVeStore broadcasts live inside the cockpit of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

    For more information, visit

    Footage provided by: DVeStore (

    Song Credits: The Hives - Won't be Long

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