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Cube in Action

Check out these videos showing Cube being used in the field.

  1. Cube Beta Testing

    Teradek Beta Tester #1, Josh Gitersonke, brought a Red Camera and a really nice steadicam rig to the Teradek offices for range testing in the parking lot.

    If you need a top steadicam guy, Josh is the man!

    Cube is coming next week.

  2. Cube Streaming HD Video Vehicle to Vehicle

    All in-car footage is 1080i @ 3Mbps using H.264 High Profile Level 4.1 compression.

  3. Heavy Metal - Cube Available Now!

    Cube, the world's first camera-top HD video encoder is available for pre-ordering today! Join the Cube Revolution today and be the first kid on the block streaming HD video to a lap-top or mobile device from your digital video camera.

    Quantities are extremely limited, so order yours today.

  4. Teradek Cube Streaming HD from ARRI Alexa

    We met Jared Abrams from at Birns & Sawyer for an afternoon of streaming live HD video from ARRI's new Alexa. The video from Alexa's monitor output is excellent and worked beautifully with Cube.

    All streaming footage was captured on a Macbook Pro running VLC from an ad-hoc wireless network connection. The video is 1080i HD 24FPS using H.264 Level 4.1 video compression at 4Mbps.

    Order yours today at

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  5. Alexa & Cube head trip

    See if you can follow along.

  6. Steadicam Guru Josh G reviews Cube on a RED

    Steadicam Operator and DP Josh Gitersonke reviews Cube on a Swiss made Actioncam, using a RED and a Cube to stream the HD-SDI output (720p HD) live to a macbook 300ft away outdoors, and many walls (and a floor!) away indoors.

    For more information on Cube, check out

    For a great Steadicam Operator / DP, check out

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