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Cube in Action

Check out these videos showing Cube being used in the field.

  1. Bond II - From Land, Sea, and Air

    Check out where we've been taking the brand new Bond II. Whether you're near the sea, in the air, or on the ground, Bond II's capabilities can get your HD footage to its destination from just about anywhere.

  2. SXSW Feed the Beat: Teradek Cube in Action

    See what Teradek did for Taco Bell's Feed the Beat @ SXSW. 12 Cubes used to stream Passion Pit live to @Ustream

  3. Teradek Bolt

    The Teradek Bolt is a wireless HD-SDI monitoring system that transmits zero delay* uncompressed HD video at full 1080p60 4:2:2 fidelity. Bolt transmits video using WSDI Pro™, which provides a wireless range of up to 300ft and can coexist with other wireless equipment.

    Bolt receivers come in HDMI and 3G-SDI varieties, with the 3G-SDI model shipping with dual outputs.

    Bolt can transmit to multiple receivers simultaneously and can output into a Teradek Cube, which allows you to monitor with zero delay on one output and have on-board proxy recording, Internet streaming, and iOS monitoring on the other.

    *Bolt lab testing with a signal generator has shown delay of < 1ms. Any minor delay you seen in this video was due to the camera and monitor (e.g built in scalers) and it's also compounded by the video being recursive.

    **Note: receiver in video is a prototype. Dual SDI receiver will be what ships with the Bolt system.

    For more information, visit:

  4. Introducing Link: Bonded Cellular Hotspot

    For this video, we hooked up a ReplayXD camera to a Cube 255 and mounted the units to the motorcycle with a cheeseplate. The chase van (yep, a mini van), placed Link w/ a V-mount battery on the front dash. We used 4 modems for this test.

    We streamed over 300 ft via WiFi from the bike to the van going 80mph on the 5 freeway. While Link transmitted the content live to, we were able to monitor the feed in the van with an iPad simply by connecting to Link's WiFi network and launching TeraCentral.

    Song Credits: Alex Clare - Too Close

    For more information, visit

  5. Teradek Cube Streaming HD Video from a RC Helicopter

    Teradek are partnering with Orange County based F-Stop Aerial Media, and New York based to develop a live-to-the-Internet HD streaming video solution for live event broadcasting. This video is from a successful test showing that Cube's WiFi radio does not interfere with the helicopter's control system.

    This system can be used for live webcasts, and also filmmaking applications where the media is recorded in-camera, but the video is used for camera operating.

    Two work flows are shown here. Video is transmitting from the Canon 7D via the Cube HDMI Encoder over WiFi. On the receiving side, a Cube HD-SDI Decoder is displaying video on a SmallHD handheld monitor making a small self contained monitoring rig. The second workflow is live video to the Web using Livestream, either directly from the Cube to Livestream using the new native integration, or through Telestream's Wirecast, allowing multiple cameras being mixed and edited live on a laptop before streaming to Livestream.

    Teradek are manufacturers of Cube, the world's first camera-top HD video encoder. Cube streams HD video over WiFi locally or over the Internet.

    F-Stop Aerial Media own and operate two purpose radio controlled helicopter camera platforms, and leaders in RC helicopter filmmaking.

    Livestream is building a next-generation live cable operator. One that is global, social, user friendly, reaching all devices and accessible to anyone interested in broadcasting live video experience - for free.

    Music "Intro" by The XX.



  6. Teradek Cube streaming from 5DMkII to iPad

    Two Cubes streaming low latency to two iPads in ad hoc mode with no WiFi router required.

    New in v4.6! Cube now handles the Canon 5DMkII's transition when record starts or stops great with no interruption in streaming. This is another world's first for Cube! Get the update from

    The new Cube 250 has dual-band WiFi for increased wireless range.

    But that is not the biggest news, watch the full movie to see new lower pricing.

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