Tenacious Ventures

At Tenacious Ventures we specialize in:

• Multi-camera productions with switched cameras, graphics, videos, interactive calls etc…
• Live stream / webcasts (Hosted on our servers or client designated servers)
• Social media integration with shows onsite and in the live video production
• Commercial shoots & Highlight videos
• Remote internet services for live stream and audience WIFI

Our client list includes: Zillow, Microsoft, Avalara, The Gates Notes Foundation, Walgreens, Clarisonic, Lincoln Square Cinemas, Benaroya Hall, Bungie Studios, Global Washington, Washington Interactive Network, City of Seattle and more...

Contact us at Info@TenaciousVentures.com for estimates or questions.

See a few examples of our Video Content Below.

Commercial / Promotion Example: Sharebuilder September Work Life Balance Contest

Enter the Sharebuilder Contest up until the end of September at: on.fb.me/rb9qsu

This is a video that Tenacious Ventures Produced for Sharebuilder.com for their Septemeber 2011 facebook contest about "Gettin' things done" when it came to simplifying your work-life balance.

Colin Christianson - Director / Producer
Clyde Garrido - Cinematographer
Jason Lorig - grip/audio/ac
Trin Miller - Actress "Amber"
Corey Wise - Male Actor
Soren Laulainen - Music Composer